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"So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do You see I’ve forgotten if they’re green or they’re blue Anyway, the thing is what I really mean Yours are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen!" ;)

Th-thank you!! alskdalskdlaksdlaksdlkas I’ve just been serenaded by an incredible writer with the voice of an angel…with Elton John lyrics!!! what do I do!?….you’ve destroyed me with cute. E-excuse me while I find something to cool my burning face…. omgosh…

I have a huge urge to write an ereri fic using super slippery fun times as what Eren says when he wants sex n o w from Levi ahahah


LOL Please do! I have a mighty need!

Eren, you shouldn’t be doing ‘the do’ if you can’t even talk about it

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It wouldn’t take that much if there was an oil-based lubricant involved! Then…*whoosh* slip right outta there

i was tagged for this by foreverautumnblog… the sassiestmittenkitten around ;D I grabbed my iPod… so this is really going to be a mixed bag

"You can tell a lot about a person by what kind of music they listen to. Put your i-pod or however you play your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come on. Then post them so other people can see what your music choices say about you. Tag 10 people you would also like to learn more about through their taste in music."

    Toto- Africa
    Alex Clare- Too Close
    Matt Wertz- Somedays
    Mariachi el Bronx- Map of the World
    Greenday- Brain Stew
    The Beatles- Hey Jude
    Armin van Buuren and Gaia- Humming the Lights
    Dire Straits- Money for Nothing
    Teddybears- Automatic Lover
    Die Antwoord- Never Le Nkemise, Pt 2.

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#omg i feel like a sex ed teacher#disclaimer: i am not!#but i do know that oil is a NoNo#unless youre going

#reblogging with your tags because they are just as important as the message HAHAHAHAHAHAHA   sex stuff   nsfw text   misc  

You mean the “super slippery fun times” right? Because that is hands down the most important part for sure! ;D

PSA: those fanfic condoms

While I LOVE that so many people think to include condoms in their Fanfics these days (yay for safe sex!) I have also noticed that a lot of these sexual escapades are accompanied by a)lube or b) oil.

Now, for any of you that are having sex, waiting or maybe you’re nearing that point in your own relationship, OIL and CONDOMS do not mix! The condom will breakdown and fail! I want everyone to have fun, be safe and healthy so please please please if you’re using lube, make sure it is SILICONE or WATER based (like System JO). Silicone is friendly for both latex and non-latex condoms.

I’m not expecting disclaimers on every fanfic, but I just want everyone to have safe sexy times <3 I am not a personal health or sex Ed coach but the fact that someone mentions “oil” and “condom” in the same sentence is alarming to me D:

looks like puppy!eren is reaching out for kitty!levi to hug him D:



When in doubt&#8230;baseball hat

When in doubt…baseball hat

ereri fic: The Elevator


Eren, a stripper on the way to a gig, accidentally walks into an elevator with the most powerful man in the country, and sparks fly. Will their budding relationship survive multiples exes, terrorists hell-bent on their destruction, and their own conflicted pasts?

A love story in fifty floors.

Birthday present for the amazing momoicchi27. I swear the quality of my love is greater than what this fic might make it seem.

Please note that this fic is meant to be humorous. Do not judge me.

Read here @ Ao3

“There’s the elevator!” Eren says and rushes ahead to catch the doors.

“Eren, wait!” Mikasa calls back. She’s always trying to hold him back. Don’t run across lobbies in fancy buildings to catch elevators, don’t stay up late, wait wait wait. Eren makes it just as the shiny chrome doors are closing. He skids to a stop and whirls to toss her a grin. Evidently thinking that Eren will hold the door for her Mikasa slows down, so Eren sticks out his tongue, and slams the button to close the door.

“Eren!” Mikasa shouts, and her furious face is cut off by Eren’s reflection on the mirrored interior.

The 50th floor is his destination. He hits the button and leans back against the side of the elevator, childishly pleased with himself.

Only then does he notice he’s not alone in the elevator. There’s another man, short and dark-haired, wearing an impeccably tailored suit. His face is grumpy, but in an incredibly sexy way. He may in fact have the sexiest face Eren has seen in his life. It’s the kind of face Eren would like to sit on. Something about him is oddly familiar, but Eren can’t place it.

The elevator is on the move, so Eren decides to entertain himself. The man looks rich, and Eren isn’t above the idea of a sugar daddy. Besides, a little making-out in an elevator never hurt anybody.

“I’m Eren,” he says cheerfully.

The man is utterly nonplussed to be addressed so directly, but answers anyway with a soft snort. “Levi Ackerman.”

Eren’s jaw drops. “Levi- Levi Ackerman the President?”

“You might remember me from being on the news last night,” Levi-Mr.-President says, obviously amused though it’s not clear how Eren can tell. His scowl doesn’t seem to have changed.

“I don’t watch news at night,” Eren blurts.

The President raises an eyebrow at him.

“Because I’m a stripper.”

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